Petrad-course - 44 participants from 36 countries

17/10/2007 The opening of the Petrad foundation course “Petroleum Policy and Resource Management” took place at the premises of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) and the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) in Stavanger on Monday, 15. October.

The course, which lasts for eight weeks, is being held for the 17th time, this year with 44 participants from 36 countries.

During the course period, experts from Norwegian universities, business and industry and public administration will give the participants an introduction into how Norway manages its oil and gas resources, and the revenues derived from them.  The speakers will also talk about the environment and business development.  The wide range of contributors plays an important role in Petrad's success:

"Petrad plays an important role in the authorities’ international assistance as regards oil and gas activities, and it also participates in the Oil for Development programme," according to Torgeir Knutsen, deputy director of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.  Knutsen welcomed the participants on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Environment.

Knutsen believes that the effect of the eight-week long course is twofold:

"Firstly, it contributes towards building expertise in the developing countries represented here.  It also provides goodwill to the Norwegian oil and gas industry."

Øystein Berg, director of Petrad, promised the participants that during the eight-week course they would gain knowledge from "the best the Norwegian petroleum industry can offer".

The participants represent countries with both long and shorter oil histories: Azerbaijan discovered its first oil as early as the end of the 1840s, while Madagascar is a newcomer.

Director Kirsti Veggeland in the NPD and Director Magne Ognedal in the PSA joined Rogaland County Governor Tora Aasland in welcoming the participants.  The participants were encouraged to explore new frontiers in culture and friendship and to build networks for the future.


Updated: 04/09/2009