Piaf in brief


  • The idea behind performance indicator analysis for fields (Piaf) is a new approach to systematising large volumes of data from producing fields off Norway.
  • This information is collected every year by the NPD and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, and actively used to analyse the condition of these fields.
  • The Piaf model is based on existing reporting from the operator companies for the government’s revised national planning budget and annual status reports.
  • The data are used by the NPD to rank fields in accordance with a set of criteria which comprise more than 100 different indicators. The latter embrace both historical information and plans in the short and long term. Results from Piaf are presented to the offshore operators.
  • This method helps the government to identify fields which face special challenges so that necessary measures can be instituted. It also provides good understanding of challenges faced at Norwegian continental shelf level.
  • Piaf accordingly yields an overview of the field portfolio and the challenges facing the industry. Collating data from all the fields identifies worrying trends – project postponements, drilling delays, less injection than planned and lower production than expected.

Updated: 04/09/2009