The Shelf in 2006 - Data acquisition in Nordland VII and Troms II

05/01/2007 In 2007, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate will spend NOK 70 million on acquring data in the waters off Lofoten and in the Barents Sea.

In 2006, the Storting (Norwegian Parliament) gave the NPD the assignment of acquiring data in Nordland VII and Troms II in connection with consideration of the Management Plan (Storting White Paper No. 28, Comprehensive management of the marine environment in the Barents Sea and the waters off Lofoten).  The background was the authorities' desire to increase knowledge about the subsurface in these areas, with a view towards possible petroleum deposits.

The NPD is now in the process of identifying seismic vessels that can acquire 2D and 3D seismic in the relevant areas.  In December, the NPD published an invitation to tender in the EU area, with a deadline of mid-February.  The scope of the work will be will be clarified when the NPD has found a suitable vessel.  The timing of the data acquisition will be agreed in cooperation with the fishery interests in the area.

New acquisition of data will be necessary in 2008 and 2009 in order to cover the relevant area with seismic.  This will require new allocations.

Updated: 04/09/2009