Acquisition of 3D seismic data underway

03/07/2008 The seismic vessel Atlantic Explorer has started the acquisition of 3D seismic data in Troms II.  The preparation of the equipment was quickly completed and the vessel therefore got started at midnight, a few hours earlier ahead of schedule. The acquisition program will last until 31 July.

Until 24:00 hours on Sunday, 6 July, the vessel will remain in an area delimited by the following coordinates:

69°45'55.34" N – 016°43'40.31" E
69°34'30.19" N – 016°52'24.49" E
69°38'16.00" N – 017°14'50.00" E
69°44'32.25" N – 017°06'11.00" E
69°40'55.34" N – 016°43'40.31" E

This area is in the far eastern part of the area where 3D seismic data will be acquired.  The acquisition will start in this area so as to avoid conflict with the Greenland halibut fishing that will be concluded at 24:00 hours on 6 July.

During the period 7-31 July, 3D seismic data will be acquired in an area delimited by the following coordinates:

69°33'10.30" N – 15°56'01.29" E
69°26'20.00" N – 16°02'00.00" E
69°38'16.00" N – 17°14'50.00" E
69°44'32.25" N – 17°06'11.00" E

Updated: 04/09/2009