NPD to participate in the Climate Cure

05/12/2008 The NPD (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) is participating in Climate Cure 2020 (Klimakur 2020) – a process aimed at showing what Norway can do to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 15-17 million tonnes by 2020.

Global emissions of greenhouse gases must be reduced. Last winter's climate compromise called for Norway to cut one-fourth of its current emissions by 2020.

The Climate Cure is a means to achieve the objective of ensuring that two-thirds of this reduction take place right here in Norway. Together with the Norwegian State's funding of emission cuts in other countries, this will help ensure that Norway reduces its emissions by 30 per cent in 2020, compared with 1990. This is a significant step on the road towards becoming a climate-neutral country in 2030.

Up to the fall of 2009, a number of expert government authorities will be drawing up recipes for various policy instruments and measures. Other participants in addition to the NPD are the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, the Directorate of Public Roads, Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority – SFT, which chairs the group. The authorities are involving researchers, business and industry, environmental organizations and other expert milieus in this work.

The expert group will prepare an overview of policy instruments and measures in November 2009. This overview will be submitted to the Government. The expert group's report will illustrate a great number of possibilities, and describe the consequences of these measures. Then it will be up to the politicians to determine which of the measures they want to pursue.

In its analyses of climate measures in 2005 and 2007, SFT identified a number of measures that can help cut greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors, from capturing carbon dioxide in industrial emissions, more eco-friendly cars, gas-powered ferries and a transition from oil heating to biofuels. Other measures could include improved energy efficiency in the household and commercial sectors, industry in general and, not least, the oil industry.

The objective is for the report to be the most important foundation when the assessment of climate policy and the need for new policy instruments are put before the Storting (Norwegian Parliament) in 2010.

Updated: 04/09/2009