New members of NPD management

06/05/2008 Three new directors have joined Bente Nyland in the NPD’s management. At the same time five directors have rotated out of management.

The NPD has a stratum-based organisation consisting of the Director General and eight additional directors. The Director General position is a fixed-term position of six years, as are other senior management positions in directorates. The other director positions in the NPD are rotated and directors are appointed for four to six-year-periods.

NPD management now consists of:

Bente Nyland, Director General
Kjell Agnar Dragvik, Assistant Director General in charge of strategy, communication and projects
Kalmar Ildstad, early phase and development
Sissel Eriksen, exploration
Inger Lise Strømme (new), work processes and internal development
Johannes Kjøde (new), production and operation
Jan Bygdevoll (new), prognoses, analyses and data

In addition, the NPD has advertised positions as HR Director and Director of Environment and Energy

All of the new directors come from the NPD. Tormod Slåtsveen, Gunnar Østebø, Kirsti Veggeland, Øystein Dretvik and Eva Halland have rotated out of NPD management and now work on other tasks in the organisation.

Pictures of the NPD management

Updated: 04/09/2009