The shelf in 2007 - Developments

14/01/2008 During the course of 2007, 8 plans for development and operation (PDO) were approved for 9 new deposits.  Around 10 PDOs are expected to be submitted to the authorities in 2008.

Several of these plans call for large investments in new production facilities (Skarv, Gjøa and Valhall redevelopment).  BP is the operator for both Valhall and Skarv.  Statoil is the operator for Gjøa in the development phase, while Gaz de France will take over operatorship when the field comes on stream.

Talisman received PDO approval for two developments in 2007: Yme is a re-opening of a field that was shut down in 2001.  The field previously produced for five years with Statoil as operator.  Talisman is also responsible for development of the Rev field.

In 2008, the authorities expect to receive around 10 new PDOs.  One of these relates to the Frøy field, where re-opening is planned with Det norske oljeselskap as operator.  This field was shut down in 2001 after six years of production with the former Elf as operator.

The largest discovery for which the authorities expect to see a PDO in 2008 is 7122/7-1 Goliat, operated by Eni.  This plan is expected towards the end of the year.  However, there are many problems that must be studied in connection with development of Goliat, which could lead to a postponement of the PDO.

There are always uncertainties linked to submission of a PDO to the authorities.  One of these factors is dependence on the results of exploration and appraisal wells.


Updated: 04/09/2009