NPD's Fact-pages and Factmaps - new releases June 2009

15/06/2009 Version 2 of the Fact-pages are now available in Beta version. The Factmaps are also updated with more information.

The system is stable, but not tested enough to be in production yet. The graphical layout will be updated when the final version is posted. Version 1 of the Fact-pages are still operational and includes a more complete range of data types than the version 2.

Improvements on the Fact-pages version 2
This version contains the following improvements compared to version 1:

  • Simplified navigation
  • Possible to link to all parts of the site by using the parameters (details coming)
  • Improved export/download functionality (Excel, CSV, XML)
  • Bilingualism (English and Norwegian)
  • Latest technology platforms for easier maintenance and expansion

Content on the Fact-pages version 2

  • Seismic and is only available here.
  • The number of reports under Wellbore and Company will be expanded.

News on Factmaps

  • Seismic surveys (Seismic acquisition - gross and net area)
  • Water depth (Bathymetry)
  • Cities and towns in Norway (City and town)
  • New grouping of menus on the right side of the map.

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