Regulatory seminar on seismic

29/04/2009 On Wednesday, 20 May, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) is inviting representatives of licensees and seismic companies to attend a seminar on regulations, procedures and good coexistence in connection with seismic data acquisition on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Recent years have seen an increasing perception of conflict between fisheries and seismic data acquisition. This is in part due to a high level of seismic data acquisition activity and many new players on the shelf. The authorities have implemented a number of measures to reduce the conflict level.

One of these measures that will take effect on 1 June of this year is the introduction of a requirement for fishery experts to have passed an approved course in order to be qualified for such a position. Four such courses were held during the winter and spring, with more than 80 fishery experts now qualified for work on the Norwegian shelf.

The NPD also sees a need for a review of regulations and procedures with the companies responsible for seismic data acquisition in Norwegian waters. This measure will also help improve the conditions at sea. The seminar is aimed at operative personnel in the companies, and the NPD expects each company to enroll one or two people to attend the seminar.

Contact in the NPD:
Jan Stenløkk, tel.  +47 51 87 67 56

Updated: 04/09/2009