The shelf in 2008 - New players

08/01/2009 Eight new companies were pre-qualified as licensees or operators on the Norwegian shelf in 2008. An additional 15 companies are currently being evaluated.

The pre-qualification scheme was introduced as a consequence of the authorities' desire to bring competent new players onto the Norwegian shelf. Since the scheme was established in 2000, a total of 55 companies have been pre-qualified as operators and licensees.

The four companies that were pre-qualified as licensees in 2008 are:

  • Skeie Energy
  • Spring Energy
  • 4 Sea Energy
  • North Energy

The four companies that were pre-qualified as operators are:

  • Dana Petroleum
  • Perenco
  • Repsol
  • Grupa Lotos

The pre-qualification scheme gives the companies an opportunity to secure an assessment of their suitability for participation on the Norwegian shelf – before they devote resources to evaluating specific business opportunities.

The scheme is also used if the authorities deem it necessary to carry out a new review/pre-qualification of companies that are currently licensees/operators with a low level of activity, but want to increase their activity.

The following 15 companies were under consideration as operators* or licensees at year-end 2008:

Bayern Gas*, Bow Valley Energy, Bridge Energy*, Canamens Energy, Dyas BV, Edison*, Elexir Petroleum,  Faroe Petroleum*, Fram Exploration, North Energy*, Oilexco, Pioneer*,  Skagen 44*, Skeie Energy* og Spring Energy*.

Updated: 04/09/2009