Carbon storage sites to be identified on the Norwegian shelf

15/01/2010 Over the next three years, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) will identify suitable storage sites for carbon dioxide (CO2) on the Norwegian shelf.

It is assumed that there are a number of potential sites for storing CO2 on the continental shelf. However, the potential repositories have different qualities with regard to depth, capacity, containment and processes inside the reservoirs.

According to the NPD’s project manager for carbon storage, Eva Halland, it is particularly important to identify and evaluate capacity and leakage prevention.

“Our objective is to find safe storage sites for emissions from sources in Norway and from other parts of Europe,” she says.

Carbon storage is a topic of much concern in many sectors within business, industry and academia. On assignment from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE), the NPD has established a forum for carbon storage.

The forum held its first meeting at the NPD’s premises on Wednesday, 6 January. Present at the meeting were representatives from Christian Michelsen Research, Sintef, the Universities of Bergen and Oslo, Det norske Veritas, Gassnova and Statoil, all of whom have either carbon capture and storage experience or are involved in research projects in the field. The MPE was present as an observer.

”We wish to draw on the knowledge that already exists in Norway, and we are eagerly looking forward to working with institutions with expertise in the field ” Eva Halland says.

According to Halland, the newly-established forum will play an important part in the efforts to identify suitable storage sites.

By June 2011, a directive for carbon capture and storage must be adopted in the EU countries’ respective regulations. Regulations are already being drafted in Norway, and will be submitted for review this spring.

Updated: 18/01/2010