Enthusiast honoured

29/01/2010 Principal engineer Leif Hinderaker of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is honoured with the NCS Honor award for his long-standing efforts to promote improved recovery.

The award ceremony was organised on Thursday 28 January by the consultancy firm Rystad Energy in Oslo, in the presence of many of the industry's best and brightest.

The recipient says the award is “a recognition, not just of me, but also of the teamwork at the NPD, and it proves that our input has an impact and yields results.”
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We must start using new methods right now. We have a window of about ten years to extract the added value from fields currently in production, according to enthusiast Leif Hinderaker. (Photo: Emile Ashley)

In its citation, the jury states that Hinderaker has contributed to improved recovery rates in general, and the use of gas to increase extraction rates in particular. One of his special interests is greater focus on gas exports in context with oil production.

Hinderaker says that the NPD on several occasions has used this argument towards oil companies on the Norwegian shelf – and the outcome has resulted in increased value from the resources.

In 2007 the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy rejected the Troll further development project designed to improve gas recovery from the Troll field in the North Sea, based on estimates from the NPD which showed that this could cause a loss of as much as 600 million barrels of oil in the longer term.

Hinderaker has on numerous occasions played a central part in the authorities’ processing of projects for improved recovery rates, including the Ekofisk water injection project (1983) and Oseberg gas injection (1986). He started working for the NPD in 1980, and since 1981 he has worked with the Ekofisk field.

 Hinderaker has a master’s degree in applied mathematics, a subject he also has lectured on at the University of Bergen and in teacher training at the college level.

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Updated: 28/01/2010