Looking into power from land to facilities in the North Sea

20/04/2010 The possibility of coordinating the power supply to the facilities in the Ekofisk area and the Ula field in the North Sea is being studied.   The result of the process is expected to be available by the end of the year.

The studies will be carried out by the operators ConocoPhillips and BP.  The objective is to identify technical opportunities and costs for a coordinated electrification of Ekofisk, Eldfisk and Ula.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has asked the operators to look into this in connection with the planning of major modifications and new facilities in the Ekofisk area, as well as the replacement of the power supply on BP’s Ula field, which is due in a few years. Ekofisk, Eldfisk and Ula all have long expected remaining lives.

”The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has complete confidence in the operators carrying out all necessary studies to make electrification of these fields a real option when the companies present their development plans to the authorities for approval. The costs of such measures must be considered when the studies have been completed,” says Johannes Kjøde, NPD director of discoveries and fields south.

In 1996, the Norwegian parliament (Storting) decided that supplying power by electricity must be considered instead of continued use of gas turbines in all new developments and major modifications. The topic was given new relevance by the Climate Cure 2020 report presented in February. In this connection, the NPD pointed out the option of supplying fields on the shelf with electricity from land, and that the opportunities for doing so seem to be greatest in the southern part of the Norwegian shelf.

Updated: 20/04/2010