New Guidance Notes for border fields

01/03/2010 The Norwegian and British authorities have prepared new Guidance Notes with the intention of helping companies through the process of seeking Government approval for the development of trans-boundary fields.


boarder field

The Guidance Notes will now be submitted for consultation, with comments to be submitted by 1 April.

In 2005, a framework agreement for projects that extend across the median line between Norway and the United Kingdom was signed by both countries. The Guidance Notes are a concrete result of this joint effort, and are based in part on experience gained from several trans-boundary projects in the North Sea.

”The intention is to create predictability for the licensees who are developing trans-boundary fields. We hope that the guidelines will create more efficient processes for both the companies and the authorities," says the NPD’s Eva Halland, who has coordinated the work on behalf of the Norwegian authorities.


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Updated: 01/03/2010