New version of the fact pages

31/05/2010 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has upgraded its fact pages from version 2.0 to version 2.1 beta.

The upgrade entails better use of the screen real estate and that the pages are supported by more web browsers. A user guide for how to start the application with parameters has also been published.

The new version of the fact pages is easier to navigate, and you can link to anywhere on the website using parameters. Export and download functionality has also been improved (Excel, CSV, XML).

The fact pages will undergo further upgrades, and there is some content that has not been completed in version 2.1 beta. This applies to the categories Company, Wellbore pageview, Facility pageview and TUF.

The categories Field, Seismics, Facility table view, Wellbore table view and Licence have been completed.

A complete version of the new fact pages will, according to plan, be launched in late December/early January.

Updated: 31/05/2010