Minor adjustments in organisation and management

17/03/2011 Minor adjustments have been implemented in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s (NPD’s) organisation and management structure.

The changes entail that Johannes Kjøde will assume the function of deputy director general. Tomas Mørch has been appointed as a new director.

The NPD is a flat, team-based organisation with around 200 employees led by director general Bente Nyland. Her management team consists of nine directors, each appointed for terms of up to six years.

Kjell Agnar Dragvik, who has been a part of the NPD’s management team for seven years, the last three of which as deputy director general, will now leave the management team upon completing his term of office. The NPD’s new management team will be as follows:

  • Bente Nyland, director general
  • Johannes Kjøde, deputy director general responsible for strategy, management and communication
  • Sissel Eriksen, exploration
  • Kalmar Ildstad, North Sea South
  • Tomas Mørch, North Sea North
  • Torsten Bertelsen, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea
  • Arne Holhjem, technology and environment
  • Jan Bygdevoll, prognoses, analyses and data
  • Gunnar Mån Østebø, HR (acting)
  • Inger Lise Strømme, internal services and development

Updated: 07/04/2011