New version of the fact pages

27/10/2011 Today, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate will launch a new version of its fact pages. Fact pages v.2 will have improved functionality and contain more information than the old pages.

The NPD has a national responsibility for the data from the Norwegian continental shelf. The NPD’s data, overviews and analyses make up an important fact basis for the oil and gas activities.

The users are mainly oil company experts, journalists, oil analysts and oil company computer systems.

The old pages – Fact pages v.1 – were launched online in 1999. The pages have seen a lot of traffic since then, about 1000 users per day (unique IP addresses), and the feedback has been good, says Hans Stokka, project manager for Fact pages v.2.

”The work on version 2 of the fact pages started four years ago. The project has required a lot of work, and ten NPD employees have been involved. Large amounts of information have been checked for quality and presented in a new format,” says Stokka.

An early version of the new pages was launched in 2010. This has been available parallel with Fact pages v.1. From 1 January 2012, the old pages will no longer be available.

The new fact pages contain several improvements. Navigation is easier, and you can now link to anywhere on the website and e.g. send the links to a colleague via email. It has also become easier to download and export information to other software systems, such as excel.

This makes it easier for companies to download data from the fact pages automatically to their own data bases. The CSV and XML formats are commonly used in this connection.

The new version of the pages has much better metadata (data describing other data), making it easier to find what you are looking for. There are descriptions of 1500 attributes in Norwegian and English and information about the type of data used.

”We are working continuously to improve the content and functionality of the fact pages. The fact that we have applied new technology platforms makes maintaining and expanding the pages easier,” Stokka comments.

He emphasises that input and advice from the users has been important in the work to develop a new version of the fact pages:

”We would like to receive feedback via email (link to email address ) from the users of our services!” emphasises Stokka.

Updated: 27/10/2011