Nominate areas for CO2 storage

17/10/2011 Five areas on the Norwegian shelf have been nominated as suitable for exploration for reservoirs for storage of carbon dioxide (CO2). Several companies have reported their interest to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

“It is very positive that several companies have displayed enthusiasm for storage of CO2 on the Norwegian shelf,” says Eva Halland, project manager and geologist in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

She adds that the industry is very familiar with the Norwegian shelf, and that this is an important factor in why the companies have been invited to point out relevant storage areas.

The deadline to suggest areas expired on 4 October. The invitation was sent to all operators on the Norwegian shelf in June, and was also announced in the Official Journal of Norway so that other qualified companies could also nominate areas.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy wants to give the industry access to areas for future storage of carbon dioxide from the Mongstad facility in Hordaland and any other sources in combination with carbon dioxide from Mongstad. The work is also aimed at contributing to more knowledge and general insight regarding safe storage of carbon dioxide.

The companies were invited to suggest areas in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea, that are open for petroleum activities and where storage of carbon dioxide is not likely to conflict with petroleum activity.

At the end of the year, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate will present an atlas of possible storage locations for carbon dioxide in the North Sea.

”We currently have good experience with storage of CO2 on the Norwegian shelf. CO2 from both the Sleipner Vest and Snøhvit fields is currently stored in subsea reservoirs,” says Halland.


Updated: 17/10/2011