Seismic acquisition around Jan Mayen this summer

27/04/2011 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) will carry out acquisition of 2D seismic data in the waters around Jan Mayen this summer. The acquisition activity will start around 10 June and will last up to three months.

Last fall, the Norwegian government resolved that an impact assessment would be made of the maritime zones off Jan Mayen, with a view to future petroleum activity. The NPD’s acquisition of seismic data is part of this impact assessment. Seismic data acquisition around Jan Mayen is also planned for next summer.

The data acquisition will take place using the vessel R.V. Harrier Explorer operated by PGS, and with the aid of PGS’ Geostreamer technology. This is a new technology for seismic acquisition, characterised in part by the fact that the streamer, which in this case is eight kilometres long, is towed somewhat deeper in the water than is the case in conventional seismic acquisition. This means that the streamer can withstand higher waves, thus making the acquisition activity less dependent on weather and consequently more efficient.



Updated: 27/04/2011