Tor Austad

07/06/2011 Professor Tor Austad has worked with chemical processes for EOR (enhanced oil recovery) since the first national programme for improved oil recovery, the NPD administered SPOR, started in 1985.

Tor AustadSince the RUTH programme in 1992, Austad has also worked on a chemical understanding of the wettability properties in chalk reservoirs.

Tor Austad supervised many students to doctorates, where several involved issues related to carbonates, which is the class that includes chalk reservoirs. This has resulted in more than 50 articles in international periodicals and many presentations at international conferences. The research has won significant international respect. For many years Austad has been one of the most important Norwegian contributors within the international IEA cooperation (International Energy Agency) regarding improved oil recovery. Austad also has an approved patent for wettability changes in carbonates.

Tor Austad’a work within wettability properties of chalk has received international recognition, and in cooperation with international oil companies, he has started research on water-based EOR for other carbonates such as limestone and dolomite.

He has also received support from oil companies to study wettability properties in sandstone reservoirs with a special focus on ”Low salinity flooding”.


Updated: 07/06/2011