Planned field developments

16/01/2012 The oil companies have reported that they are planning to submit between 15 and 20 PDOs (plans for development and operation) over the next two years. All developments will take place in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea.

Neither 16/2-6 “Aldous/Avaldsnes” nor 7220/8-1 and 7220/7-1 “Skrugard/Havis” have been included in the overview of potential PDOs in the next two years. Based on indications, it will take more time before these discoveries are ready to be developed.

The North Sea

In the North Sea, a PDO is expected for the nearly 40-year-old discovery 15/5-1 “Dagny”, which will be developed with a seabed facility . Technology development, oil price and size are the main reasons why it has taken so long to develop the discovery. When Dagny was proven, the discovery was not considered large enough. With a more mature shelf, the perspective on size has changed.

The PDO for Total-operated 30/7-6 “Hild” will be processed in 2012. Hild is another discovery it has taken a long time to mature to development. The discovery was made in 1978, four years after Dagny was proven.

There will also likely be a PDO this year for the new discoveries 16/1-8 “Luno”, operated by Lundin, and 16/1-9 “Draupne”, operated by Det norske oljeselskap. It is also expected that a PDO will be submitted for further development of Hod in the Greater Ekofisk Area. This means that BP is continuing the positive development in the southern part of the North Sea. In 2011, PDOs were submitted for both Ekofisk Sør and Eldfisk II.

The Norwegian Sea

In the Norwegian Sea, the 6707/10-1 “Luva” gas discovery is the largest development project. The plan is to develop the Statoil-operated “Luva” together with the 6706/12-1 “Snefrid Sør” and 6707/10-2 S “Haklang” discoveries. “Luva” will likely be developed with a floating production unit. The gas will be transported via pipelines to Nyhamna with gas from the Shell-operated “Linnorm” discovery. The Luva development is taking place at a water depth of about 1300 metres.


Updated: 16/01/2012