Core values

25/08/2014 The authority stand at this year’s ONS features a selection of core samples from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s core storage. This collection contains samples from around 1600 exploration and production wells on the Norwegian shelf.

The stand features, among others, a core sample from the very first well that proved oil on the Norwegian shelf in 1967.

Information about the petroleum activities is national property. When it is disseminated and used effectively, the resources are also better exploited by the companies.

The core samples are used daily by the petroleum industry, consultants and researchers, who use these samples to build their knowledge regarding the Norwegian shelf.

The selected core samples represent the major assets created for Norwegian society from activity on the shelf; an unfathomable NOK 11 000 billion since the start nearly 50 years ago. The Norwegian oil fund, or the Government Pension Fund – Global, is currently valued at close to NOK 5500 billion.

We have prepared a small brochure that will be distributed at the stand; here is a link to it.

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Updated: 25/08/2014