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Good feedback from users

17/03/2014 Agenda Kaupang carried out a user survey for the NPD. The purpose is to learn what key players in the outside world think about how the NPD works and solves its tasks.

The users have been asked about how they perceive the Directorate’s plans and priorities, deliveries and services. Interviews have been conducted with public players and representatives of licensees and operators. There was also a questionnaire directed at participants in production licence committees.

The NPD receives generally very positive feedback from the users. The report indicates, for example, that

  • The NPD performs its role well, particularly as a fact producer and initiator vis-à-vis the industry
  • The NPD’s services are highly valued
  • NPD employees are perceived as competent within disciplines they should know
  • The NPD is perceived as willing to cooperate and has a good service attitude
  • Sound communication is ensured, though the NPD is perceived as relatively low-key
  • The NPD is perceived to have a high level of professional integrity, though some note that the close relationship with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) can be a challenge
  • The industry wants stronger participation from the NPD in production licences, to contribute knowledge and help improve processes, as well as to strengthen the licence meetings’ role as decision-making bodies

The NPD is generally praised very highly by the MPE, e.g. as a competent supporter with considerable professional integrity. The NPD is described as being able to deliver and service-minded, and the cooperation is characterised as very good. According to the MPE, the NPD has no obvious areas in need of improvement; however, there are some areas which require attention:

  • More players to relate to – can the NPD handle this?
  • The MPE expects the NPD to help them whenever necessary, can the NPD handle this?
  • To work smarter and more efficiently are challenges in the NPD. It is therefore important for the NPD to develop an organisation and work method

The results from the survey are compared with a corresponding survey carried out in 2010. The report shows that the perceptions of the NPD in 2013 are very similar to the viewpoints from 2010.

Updated: 17/03/2014