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New additions to management in the NPD

17/11/2014 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s new management group comes into force today, 17 November.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s new management group

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s new management group


This adjustment of the organisation entails that the NPD will have more managers, and is transitioning from two to three management levels.

“The most important reason for the changes is that we want to improve management capacity. The NPD’s tasks have increased in recent years, and there are more of us,” says director general Bente Nyland.

“More than ten years have passed since we were the first government agency to introduce a flat, team-based organisation. We will largely be keeping this structure.”

Four directors report directly to director general Bente Nyland. They are Sissel Eriksen (Exploration), Ingrid Sølvberg (Development and operations), Kjell Agnar Dragvik (Analysis and framework) and Inger Lise Strømme (Data management and organisation). They will constitute the NPD’s strategic management going forward.

Twelve assistant directors make up the NPD’s operative management. They are Stig-Morten Knutsen (NPD Harstad), Oddny Svendsen, Wenche Tjelta Johansen, Tomas Mørch, Kjetil Aasoldsen, Kalmar Ildstad, Øyvind Kirkhus, Arne Holhjem, Kirsti Veggeland, Gunnar Mån Østebø and Maria Juul. The last position, assistant director for systems development and ICT, has not yet been filled.

Updated: 08/12/2015