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System for permanent reservoir monitoring installed on the Snorre and Grane fields

30/05/2014 Work will continue this summer and autumn on installing a seismic streamer on Snorre. A dedicated system with a seismic streamer will also be installed on Grane.

This work is scheduled for completion in early winter 2015.

While the cable is exposed on the seabed, before it is covered, it will be highly vulnerable to any external influence. Trawling activity should be avoided in this area during this period.

Permanent reservoir monitoring involves permanently installing a streamer on the seabed to provide a more frequent and better-quality seismic picture of changes in the reservoir. The cable will be used to acquire more knowledge about the reservoir, and thereby provide an opportunity to produce more oil.

Installation of the system will involve laying the cable on the seabed before it is trenched or covered with rocks to make it trawlable.

On the Snorre field, the cable will be laid using the vessel Havila Phoenix, and the trenching will be operated from the Northern Wave. On the Grane field, the vessel Olympic Zeus will both lay and bury the cable.

The fields are operated by Statoil. The Snorre field is located in blocks 34/4 and 34/7 in the North Sea. Water depth in the area is approx. 300-350 metres. The Grane field is located in block 25/11. Water depth in this area is about 130 metres.


The relevant area for Snorre is within:


Longitude WGS84

Latitude WGS84


2° 11.6' E

61° 35.6' N


2° 19.0' E

61° 35.7' N


2° 19.1' E

61° 29.7' N


2° 10.3' E

61° 23.3' N


2° 1.9' E

61° 23.2' N


2° 3.3' E

61° 29.6' N


The relevant area for Grane is within:


Longitude WGS84

Latitude WGS84


2° 29.6' E

59° 14.0' N


2° 34.9' E

59° 12.6' N


2° 28.2' E

59° 05.6' N


2° 22.9' E

59° 06.9' N


Questions can be posed directly to Statoil,
represented by Bjarne Jensen, tel. +47 911 53 026.


Updated: 30/05/2014