08/06/2015 As of 9 June, the production licences can submit applications for extension of deadlines in the exploration period (the initial period) to the authorities through the online portal SMIL instead of sending normal application letters.

The system is available through the extranet License2Share (L2S). In the future, SMIL will be developed to encompass many types of applications and reports to the authorities.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate initiated the SMIL project in 2013, as part of the government’s programme to digitise interaction between authorities and the public/industry.

“The objective of SMIL, which is an acronym for Smart Interactive Licence management, is to streamline and enhance communication and application processes for the companies and for the NPD,” says Maria Juul, assistant director of data and document management.

The first type of applications that can be submitted through SMIL, is for extension of deadlines during the exploration period (initial period). This period usually has a duration of between four and eight years. After being awarded, the production licences usually have to carry out a work programme, which may include seismic acquisition and drilling of exploration wells.

“Licensees that need more time may apply for an extension, but experience shows that it is impractical and time-consuming to submit these applications as letters. We are hopeful and confident that this process will be improved with SMIL,” Juul says.

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Updated: 15/09/2017