NPD to conduct user survey

16/11/2016 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) wants to know what important players in our society think about the work we do, and therefore conducts a user survey every three years.

The survey is aimed at the NPD’s most important users, collaborators and stakeholders.

The Government has also expressed a desire to strengthen contact between users and public administration. All public administration agencies are therefore expected to map user perception of the respective agencies.

Agenda Kaupang will facilitate and conduct the survey on behalf of the NPD. Before Christmas, a selected group of people will be contacted and asked to respond to questions about the NPD. The responses will be confidential, and the NPD will not be able to see what individual respondents have answered.

The survey is an important contribution to the continued development of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Thank you in advance to everyone who contributes.

Updated: 16/11/2016