New guidelines for shredding

26/08/2016 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate frequently receives inquiries from companies regarding how and to what scope data should be shredded or destroyed. The NPD has prepared guidelines that can help clarify the proper procedure in these cases.

According to Section 55 of the Petroleum Regulations, licensees on the NCS have an obligation to retain material and information that provides necessary information regarding the petroleum activities.

If the operator wants to destroy such material, the NPD requires that an overview be submitted of the relevant data and storage media. Following this, the company may be ordered to surrender the material to the NPD, or to the entity designated by the NPD to administer the data, free of charge. The NPD can also order that the material be retained for further safekeeping.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate makes an assessment in each specific case, and the new guidelines describe the basis for the NPD's deliberations.

Updated: 26/08/2016