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New issue of the magazine

24/06/2016 Norsk sokkel is publishing a new issue and distribution of the printed magazine starts on Friday.

The content is coloured by the situation the oil industry finds itself in; dark clouds have been hanging over the industry for quite some time.

Months have turned into years, drastic cuts have been made, and the companies have implemented a number of measures. A lot of this is about more efficient and more reasonable wells.

We have talked to a few players about how they are facing the challenges. The Paris Agreement is another challenge the companies are tackling, and Eirik Wærness, chief economist in Statoil, explains how the Agreement affects the oil and gas sector.

While the industry is facing challenges over the short term, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate remains a driver for a long-term perspective. We have interviewed one of the experienced professionals in charge of following up fields, Astri Fritsen, who wants to encourage the companies to make investment decisions.

Norsk sokkel will also feature an interview with professor of geophysics Yngve Kristoffersen. He is one of a small number of Norwegians who are venturing into the Arctic Ocean to collect data on how the Earth works, including remote areas covered in ice.

Updated: 30/06/2016