The NPD at ONS

22/08/2016 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) will be present at the oil and gas exhibition ONS in Stavanger from 29 August to 1 September.

The NPD is sharing a stand with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE).

Stewardship of knowledge is on the agenda at the NPD/MPE stand, which is number 810 in Hall 8. You can meet people from both agencies at the stand.

The stand is designed like a classical library from the Victorian era. The library is a symbol of the modern knowledge bank.

The authorities have data, information and results from all petroleum activity on the shelf. It is accessible on the authorities’ websites and is stored in content-rich databases. Most of the information is accessible to everyone. This is unique for the Norwegian shelf – both the scope of data and the transparency.

Data and knowledge form the basis for Norwegian petroleum policy. Sound stewardship of the resources on the Norwegian shelf benefits Norway as a whole.

The authorities’ ONS stand includes 3000 books, on loan from the Stavanger library, and multiple computer screens where the public can pull up information.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss topics linked to the management and sharing of data and knowledge, feel free to stop by the stand.

Director General Bente Nyland will present the NPD’s IOR award on the second day of the conference, Tuesday, 30 August. This is the third time the award is presented at ONS.

Ingrid Sølvberg, the NPD’s Director of Development and Operations, will give a lecture on the future of the Norwegian shelf on Monday, 29 August. This will take place at Centre Court in Hall 9 at 12:35 hours.

Remember to pick up a copy of the NPD’s new shelf map; we are handing out 10 000 copies throughout the week at ONS.

ProContra designed the authorities’ stand in collaboration with the NPD’s project team for ONS.




Skisse av standen til OD og OED, som er nummer 810 i Hall 8

Sketch showing the NPD and MPE’s stand, which is number 810 in Hall 8.

Updated: 22/08/2016