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Who deserves the IOR prize?

01/02/2016 Do you know someone who deserves the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s prize for improved oil recovery – the 2016 IOR prize?

The IOR prize is a recognition of creativity, steadfastness and willingness to take risk when it comes to using methods and technology that could improve oil recovery beyond what can be expected with existing plans and methods.

“The courage to use new technology has been hugely significant. Since the oil activities started, the Norwegian shelf has been a laboratory for testing new solutions,” says Director General Bente Nyland.

She points out that we too easily forget that it is often seemingly small components that can make a difference, in contrast to the more spectacular.

“Technological innovations can allow us to develop more discoveries – but also to recover even more oil from fields that are already operating.”

Send suggested candidates – with a short description and contact person – to IOR-Award@npd.no. The deadline is 1 March. The prize will be awarded during ONS in Stavanger in August.

Award criteria

  • The prize is awarded to production licences, companies, projects or individuals that have contributed to improved oil recovery on the Norwegian shelf through innovative work.
  • The prize is awarded for bold actions such as:

- implementing new technology
- applying established technology in new ways
- innovative work methods/processes
- significant efforts in realising the value potential in improved recovery

  • The prize is awarded for measures where an implementation decision has been made
  • The prize is awarded if there are worthy candidates

The NPD’s IOR prize was awarded for the first time in 1998.

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Director General Bente Nyland presented the award to Landrø during an event at ONS 2014 in Stavanger.

Director General Bente Nyland presented the award
to Martin Landrø during an event at ONS 2014 in Stavanger.



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Updated: 01/02/2016