Previous award winners


2016 The licensees of the Åsgard field in the Norwegian Sea for their subsea wet gas compressor >>


Martin Landrø for his work on developing 4D seismic for mapping, production management and monitoring of reservoirs >>
2012 Statoil for subsea work on the Oseberg field >>
2010 Professor Tor Austad of the University of Stavanger and the Corec research centre for their work on recovering more oil from chalk reservoirs >>
2009 FMC Technologies for having demonstrated the courage and determination to invest in technology which increases production from seabed wells >>
2008 No worthy candidate found (strong signal about lack of activity in implementing IOR/EOR) >>
2007 Talisman for courage and willingness to operate fields at tail end to prolong the production –specially mentioned Yme field redevelopment >>
2006 Halliburton and Baker for developing well technology needed in the Troll field >>
2005 Arne Skauge, Prof at UiB/CIPR, for his success to bring IOR research from laboratories to pilot testing and implementation in fields and for his educational skills >>
2004 Gullfaks license for project decisions and implementation ranging from advanced drilling into new reservoirs to new methods of produced water treatment >>
2003 BP for ”Life of Field Seismic” project in the Valhall field >>
2002 No worthy candidate found (strong signal about lack of activity in implementing IOR/EOR)
2001 Statoil and Egil Sunde for the use of bacteria, MEOR, in the Norne field
2000 Phillips Petroleum for making decisions on IOR/EOR projects in the Ekofisk field even when the oil price was low
1999 Saga for Foam assisted Water alternating Gas injection, FAWAG –pilot in the Snorre field
1998 Hydro for drilling of horizontal wells near the oil-water contact in the Troll field to produce more oil from the thin oil leg

Updated: 30/11/2017