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Good feedback from users

31/03/2017 A user survey taken by public and private players in the petroleum sector shows that the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NDP) enjoys a high level of trust and exercises its role with confidence.

The NPD conducts this survey every three years (since 2007) in order to learn what important players in society think about how the NPD operates and solves its tasks. This time, the survey was also a response to the Government’s desire for strengthened contact between users and public administration.

The NPD is present in the most important arenas. Cooperation and interaction are perceived as good in all areas. Some respondents would like to see the NPD participate in even more arenas, and suggest new ways of exercising the role of resource administrator. Some perceive the role distribution between the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and Petoro to be challenging.

The survey comprised three parts. One qualitative survey and two quantitative surveys. The qualitative survey involved interviews with representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, a selection of public authorities with interfaces vis-à-vis the oil and gas industry, as well as several companies that are licensees and/or operators on the Norwegian shelf.

Two quantitative surveys were also conducted. One was directed at participants in licence committees, the other at users of the NPD’s electronic communication and reporting solutions.

Operators and licensees express that the NPD’s work enjoys a high level of trust. This also covers participation in the various licence committees. Despite the tough period of adjustment for the industry, where growth and a high activity level have been replaced by cost cuts and streamlining, the NPD is perceived as being consistent and predictable across production licences.

The NPD only has an observer role in the licence committees, but there is a desire for the NPD to contribute more to spreading knowledge and expertise at the committee meetings.

Other public players also perceive the NPD to be a strong supporter with considerable professional integrity, according to the survey.

Making data available to the industry is one of the NPD’s core tasks, and the players give a lot of praise for the electronic communication of data. The companies largely use the NPD’s data on the Fact pages and Fact map in their work, instead of developing their own databases. At the same time, the surveyed companies encourage further work to continue developing the solutions. This coincides with needs identified by the NPD itself in the work on a new strategic plan leading up to 2020.

Updated: 31/03/2017