Opening of the southeastern Barents Sea is based on correct figures

13/09/2017 There has been significant attention devoted to the underlying figures for opening the southeastern Barents Sea for petroleum activities.

The calculations in the Impact Assessment and the White Paper are based on correct figures from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

However, the gross figure (sales value of presumed resources) for the low scenario listed in the text in the Impact Assessment for the Southeastern Barents Sea, is incorrect. We apologise for this. This has no impact on the other calculations in the report. The gross figure is not used in these calculations, as net figures (correct gross figure minus costs) are used here.

The error is presented in the text of the Impact Assessment, but not in the White Paper (Report No. 36 to the Storting (2012-2013) - new opportunities for Northern Norway – opening the southeastern Barents Sea for petroleum activities).

Shedding light on the societal effects of the petroleum activities at the regional and local level is an important part of an impact assessment.

In connection with the impact assessment, the NPD was tasked with providing gross and net figures for two scenarios for the development in the southeastern Barents Sea.

These are not discounted, thus providing the right basis for the other calculations, such as the studies of national and regional value creation and employment effects, which were carried out by Statistics Norway and Pøyri, respectively.



Updated: 13/09/2017