Åsgard A will produce longer

28/01/2019 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has approved operator Equinor’s application for extended technical lifetime for the Åsgard A facility in the Norwegian Sea until 2027. That means production twelve years longer than the original plan.

Åsgard A plays a particularly important role in recovering as much as possible of the remaining liquid reserves in Smørbukk and Smørbukk Sør, as most of the gas injection wells on these fields are tied in to Åsgard A and will rely on the gas injection from Åsgard A through the 2020s.

The licenses are also considering new drilling targets and wells linked to Åsgard A both in the shorter and longer term, and they will be important measures to promote improved recovery.

Additional measures to improve recovery are also being planned. A project involving “low wellhead pressure” is important, and has an expected start-up date in 2022.

Recovery of Trestakk as well as the “Blåbjørn” discovery depends on an extended lifetime for Åsgard A.

The technical lifetime for the Åsgard A facility was originally based on 20 years of operation, and expires in 2019.

Read more about Åsgard here: https://www.norskpetroleum.no/en/facts/field/asgard/


Åsgard A (Photo: Equinor/Øyvind Hagen)

Åsgard A came on stream in 1999.
Production is now being extended up to 2031.

(Photo: Equinor/Øyvind Hagen)

Updated: 28/01/2019