Ready for Oda start-up

07/01/2019 The authorities have approved the application for start-up of the Oda field in the North Sea. Operator Spirit Energy expects start-up in February/March.  

Total investments for the development are estimated at NOK 5.5 billion.

Estimated reserves in the Oda field are 5.2 million standard cubic metres of oil equivalents (32.7 million bbls), of which 5 million Sm3 (31.5 million bbls) are oil.

Oda is a subsea development where the wellstream is sent on to the Ula platform for processing and transport.

The produced gas will be sold to the Ula licensees for use as injection gas for alternating water and gas injection (WAG) on the Ula field. The oil will be exported through Ula’s export pipeline via the Ekofisk field to the Teesside terminal in the UK. The seawater that will be used for water injection for pressure support on Oda will be delivered from the Ula platform.

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Updated: 07/01/2019