More technology to create value


“We have the objective of ensuring that technology is used to increase value creation on the shelf, and we take an active role in achieving this,” says Niels Erik Hald, Assistant director for development and operations – Barents Sea (upper right). Here together with colleagues Nils Tjøstheim (upper left), Arne Holhjem and Ragnhild Holme.

31/10/2019 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate wants to contribute to the industry developing and using even more technology to create value on the Norwegian shelf. A task force has presented nine proposed measures to achieve this.

The group was made up of representatives from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), other authorities, oil companies and industry suppliers, as well as OG21.

The measures were designed in a joint workshop, at the initiative of the NPD. They are summarised in the report “Technology use and authority involvement” (in Norwegian).

“Together with the industry we want to contribute to increased focus on value-creating technology in the oil and gas industry. This cooperation provides good input that we can use in our work,” says Arne Holhjem, principal engineer in the NPD.

Teamwork needed

This work was done in cooperation with OG21. OG21 is Norway’s national technology strategy for the petroleum industry, taking its mandate from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Public authorities, business and industry, as well as the research community, work together to identify technological challenges, and to agree on strategies and measures needed to address these challenges.

“We in OG21 are pleased that the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has accepted the challenge we issued in 2018 in connection with our study on how we can apply new technology faster,” says Gunnar Hjelmtveit Lille, managing director of OG21.

He adds:

“Good interaction between the authorities, oil companies and suppliers is essential in order for technology to be developed, piloted and applied. This is not just important for value creation on the shelf, but also so that we can continue to have an active, world-class supplier industry.”

Clearer requirements

The most important actions that emerged at the workshop are that the authorities should:

  • set clearer requirements and expectations for the licensees (link to glossary) to establish a technology plan

  • establish a system which provides an overview of technology needs on the Norwegian shelf

  • facilitate industry cooperation on shared challenges and technology needs

The workshop pointed out that the industry is responsible for choosing solutions for development and operation of the fields. However, it is also desirable for the authorities to be more clear and more active in calling for and facilitating greater focus on technology in these processes.

All proposed measures in the report will now be assessed by the authorities.


Gunnar Hjelmtveit Lille, Managing director OG21.

Updated: 31/10/2019