Reminder: Register for popular course


The course is held by our own employees, including Svein Arne Svilosen, Even Gilleboe, Janka Rom og Sølvi Amundrud.

29/10/2019 We would like to remind you of "Course for the industry" (Kurs for næringen) which will be held on 14 November in our offices in Stavanger.

The course provides an introduction to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s roles and tasks, and how our work affects your working day in the oil and gas industry. The registration deadline is 8 November.

This is a popular course that has received good feedback from the participants in the three previous courses.

Yes, I want to register for "Course for the industry" (Kurs for næringen) on 14 November (in Norwegian)

The course will be held in Norwegian.

Read more about the course in a previous news article

Updated: 29/10/2019