The Guidelines to the annual status report for fields in production have been updated

06/09/2019 The Guidelines to the annual status report (ASR) have been updated, to ASR2019. The Guidelines are unchanged from last year’s Guidelines (ASR2018), with the exception of Chapter 3.2, “Reserves and resources – status”.

There, the requirements for reporting oil-in-place are reduced. Table 3.1 in Chapter 3.2 has also been edited to some extent. Potential deviations in relation to reporting to the revised national budget – RNB – must be addressed.

While there are few changes, we ask that the operators use the most recent version (ASR 2019) for their reporting. The deadline is 1 November.

The most recent Long Range Plan (LRP), which shall be prepared pursuant to the Joint Operating Agreement, shall be enclosed.

The submission must be in text format, such as Word, not PDF. Moreover, nothing in the Guidelines shall be deleted before they are submitted to the NPD, see the conclusion to the Introduction in the Guidelines. If the reporting is provided in the wrong format, the NPD may request a new ASR submission.

New Guidelines in pdf format and in Word format.


Updated: 06/09/2019