NPD to hire ten managers


02/10/2020 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) is continuing its work to phase out the rotation scheme for managers. Ten managers will be hired in connection with this transition. They will report to the new executive management team, which was recruited before summer this year.

“We will have the same total number of managers as today. The background for advertising these vacancies is that we are no longer allowed to have managers in rotational positions, as we have had for the past 20 years,” says Director general Ingrid Sølvberg.

Statute prohibits rotation management

The NPD underwent a reorganisation around the year 2000. A hierarchical organisation with many directors was transformed into a flat organisation with considerably fewer leadership positions.

The position of director general is a fixed-term position – and the other directors in the new NPD were engaged in fixed term rotational positions. However – a new statute is now in place.

This statute, which deals with employees of the Norwegian state, prohibits the use of such rotational positions. Managers must be employed in permanent positions.

The phase-out of the rotation scheme was the reason for the NPD advertising vacancies for six director positions – as well as the hiring of another ten managers.

“There are many highly qualified internal candidates for these leadership positions. I also assume that there are external candidates who are qualified for these jobs. That’s why I expect to see applications from both internal and external candidates,” says Sølvberg.

“Those who are part of the current management team and who may be leaving their positions will still be employed in the NPD. We have many tasks that demand the high level of expertise and the valuable experience they have developed. We will be needing these resources for a long time to come.”

Focus on change and development

Sølvberg emphasises that the previous rotation scheme worked quite well. Having managers switch between being managers and working as skilled experts has been beneficial, both for the organisation and for the management team:

“But the new system with permanently employed managers will provide more stability and the opportunity to work more systematically to further develop clear and motivating leadership.”

She is looking for leaders who are oriented toward change and development, and who want to contribute toward refining the NPD so it can continue its work for many years to come, to deliver this important task for the greater society: creating the greatest possible value for society from the petroleum industry.

When Ingrid Sølvberg took up the position of director general in January, she initiated work to further develop the organisation so the NPD is even better equipped to do a good job.

The objective is for the NPD to be a more effective, progressive and flexible directorate.

“It’s been an exceptional and hectic year with tight deadlines, but we are on track. The executive management team will be in place by the end of the year, by which time we also aim to have employed the ten additional managers,” she says.

Vacant manager positions

Descriptions of the ten vacant manager positions and information for applicants can be found at jobbnorge.no (in Norwegian only):

Manager, IT development and operations

Manager, finances and joint services

Manager, data management

Manager, shelf analysis

Technical disciplines, technology and co-existence – three managers

Exploration, production and area development  three managers


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Updated: 02/10/2020

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