The NPD is presenting a new resource report for exploration


The presentation of the resource report for exploration will be broadcasted live.

20/10/2020 Follow the presentation of the report live on on Tuesday, 27 October, at 10:00.

Among other things, the report presents an up-to-date estimate for undiscovered resources on the Norwegian shelf and an analysis of the profitability of exploration.

Vast undiscovered resources

The report e.g. concludes that there are vast undiscovered resources in all ocean areas, and that new technology, data sharing and big data analysis could contribute to more discoveries.

The Norwegian shelf is well-positioned for a low-carbon future with a low carbon footprint from production, good storage capacity for CO2 (CCS) and the possibility of seabed minerals becoming a profitable new industry.

Read more about the report: Profitable exploration on the Norwegian shelf

The report will be presented by Director of Exploration Torgeir Stordal.

Time: Tuesday, 27 October, at 10:00 – 11:00

The presentation will be in Norwegian, and will be broadcast live on


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