Developments on the shelf – what have we learned?


The Martin Linge field in the North Sea. Photo: Equinor

31/01/2020 To what extent are development projects on the Norwegian shelf affected by delays and cost overruns? The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has examined the development from 2007 to 2018 and will present its findings on 7 February.

The report Project implementation on the Norwegian shelf will be presented at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's offices in Stavanger.

Yes, I would like to register for the presentation of the report Project implementation on the Norwegian shelf, 7 February at 09:00 am at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (in Norwegian).

Within planned time and cost?

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has taken a closer look at 66 development projects on the Norwegian shelf during the period between 2007 and 2018. The objective of the report is to assess whether licensees will succeed in executing projects within the planned time and cost framework.

The last time the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate did something similar was in 2013 through the Assessment of implemented projects report, which addressed experience and lessons learned from five development projects.

Share experience

The objective this time is also to share experience gathered through regular project follow-up.

Finally, it will also provide insight into which types of projects should be expected on the Norwegian shelf in the years to come.

The NPD has maintained regular follow-up of development projects for a number of years. The authorities will accumulate knowledge and experience through dialogue with the licensees. The report is based on this; new interviews with the players.


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