Minerals from the deep


28/05/2020 We have been where no one has gone before. 3000 metres below sea level, on a subsea ridge, where warm, enriched water from the depths of the earth seeps out.

Robots meticulously picked through, rock by rock, searching for valuable minerals – which can be used in industry.

The objective of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s (NPD’s) expedition in the western Norwegian Sea was to map and determine which minerals can be found in the area. These minerals contain important elements used in, among other things, mobile phones, wind turbines and electric cars.

“Today’s technology is entirely dependent on these minerals, and discovering new deposits. The expedition was successful, and we’ve been able to acquire a large volume of data, which will now be analysed,” says NPD geologist Jan Stenløkk.

Stenløkk was part of the expedition.

Watch a video from the expedition with unique images from the depths of the ocean (2:30 minutes):

Updated: 28/05/2020