New issue - Norwegian Continental Shelf


Marius, Mariann and Herman traversed Norway to engage students in a fact-based debate on energy, climate, technology and welfare – through the New Oil project. Photo: Monica Larsen

22/04/2020 The new issue of the Norwegian Continental Shelf magazine is now available in a digital version with plenty of interesting reading. The articles in the magazine were written before the corona crisis.

Because of the corona situation, Norwegian Continental Shelf will only be published in a digital version at this time.

Here are some of the stories you can read:

  • director general Ingrid Sølvberg’s outlook on future energy needs
  • outgoing director general Bente Nyland’s reflections after 12 years at the helm
  • why we talk with young people, not at them
  • analysing seabed minerals

Read the magazine – Norwegian Continental Shelf No. 1 2020


Updated: 22/04/2020