Norwegian Petroleum Directorate handles day-to-day business from home offices


Photo: Dave, Unsplash.

16/03/2020 Employees at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate currently handle day-to-day business from home offices. This does not impact the daily operation of the Directorate. All types of applications will be processed as usual.

Development plans will be followed up. Inquiries will be answered and data will be updated, so that all facts are available in the normal manner both on, our FactPages and on

“We have introduced measures to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, but our focus is on continuously safeguarding our responsibility as Norwegian authorities. We are determined to be available, even though most of us are no longer physically inside the NPD building,” says Director General Ingrid Sølvberg.

“There will be no meeting activity at the NPD’s offices, but we can meet via Skype for Business, we can have telephone meetings, or we can use a combination of these.”

Contact us

As always, inquiries to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate can be directed to our switchboard, which is open from 07.30 – 16.30 on telephone +47 51 87 60 00. You may also contact our press contacts.

Updated: 24/03/2020