Planning redevelopment of the Hod field


Illustration of the Hod field, Aker BP.

24/06/2020 On behalf of the licensees, operator Aker BP has submitted a Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for a redevelopment of the Hod field in the Valhall area in the North Sea.

The field was in production via a dedicated unstaffed wellhead platform, remote-controlled from Valhall, from 1990 until it was shut down in 2012. There has also been limited production from the Hod field via the Valhall Flank South platform.

When the Hod wellhead platform was shut down, just 20 per cent of the resources in place had been produced. The shutdown platform will be removed in accordance with a previously approved cessation plan.

The field will be redeveloped by installing a new wellhead platform tied in to the Valhall field centre. The recoverable reserves are estimated at about 6.4 MSm3 oil equivalents.

"Very gratifying"

The plan is to resume production at the beginning of 2022. The total investment costs for the redevelopment are estimated at NOK 5.7 billion.

“It is very gratifying that the companies have found it profitable to redevelop Hod to increase recovery of the remaining resources,” says Arvid Østhus, assistant director in Development and operations.


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Updated: 24/06/2020