Soon we announce the winner of the IOR award 2020


The Director general is looking forward to present the award to the winner.

25/08/2020 Who will win the award for improved oil recovery 2020? Tuesday 1 September at 12:20 pm Director general Ingrid Sølvberg will present the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s IOR award.

This year’s prize will be the 16th since the first award in 1998.

Watch the ceremony online 1 September

The award will be presented during ONS Digital, which takes place online from 31 August to 2 September.

On Tuesday 1 September you can follow the award ceremony at the ONS Digital website, when Ingrid Sølvberg presents the award to this year’s winner.

The finalists are the licensees for the Grane field in the North Sea, researcher Geir Evensen and the oil company Lundin.

What is the IOR award?

The IOR award goes to production licences, companies, projects or individuals who are expected to create added value on the Norwegian Continental Shelf through innovative work for improved recovery.

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The nominees for the IOR award 2020

Improved oil recovery (IOR)


Updated: 25/08/2020