CO2 storage on Teams


Eva Halland is satisfied with the implementation of the CO2 forum she leads, but she looks forward to resuming physical meetings.

24/03/2021 We have extensive experience with carbon capture and storage (CCS). Since 2010, we have led a forum that addresses CO2 storage, headed by Eva Halland in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD).

Eva has worked on issues related to CO2 storage for more than 10 years.
“The purpose of the forum is to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge about storing CO2. It also functions as a knowledge base for the NPD and for the authorities’ investments in research and development,” says Eva.

Useful discussions

This was the first time the CO2 storage forum was held on Teams, with 44 participants.
“The feedback has been very good, and the forum is perceived as being useful even when we meet digitally, although I look forward to when we can get together in person again,” Eva tells us.
Participants in the forum include Norwegian universities and research institutions, as well as companies that are active within CO2 storage, alongside the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the NPD.
Topics for this forum:
  • risk of leaks from older wells
  • review of the project database in Climit, a national research program for CO2 technologies
  • presentation of further work in the Northern Lights project


Participants at a previous CO2 storage forum – when it was OK to meet in person.

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Updated: 24/03/2021