Relinquishment reports submitted after 1 January 2021 are now available


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01/07/2021 An amendment to Section 85 of the Petroleum Regulations became effective from the new year. This amendment entails changes in the length of the confidentiality period for status reports (also called relinquishment reports).

The associated guidelines for status reports have also been updated.

What's new is that the confidentiality obligation for interpreted data in status reports will be waived as from the date when the licence is surrendered, lapses, expires, or when the area from which the data originates is relinquished, and that status reports can then be released.

The regulatory amendment has retroactive effect for reports submitted prior to 1 January. However, a deadline of 1 July 2021 has been set for applications for permission to maintain confidentiality for interpreted data in status reports.

In addition, the parts of the reports containing trade secrets will still be subject to confidentiality. Typical trade secrets will be strategies, work techniques, analyses, financial calculations and forecasts.

Share knowledge and data

"The Norwegian shelf is becoming increasingly mature, and many of the same areas have been explored in multiple previous production licences. In order to increase the petroleum geology understanding of the shelf, as well as avoid duplicating efforts, it's important to share as much knowledge and data as possible. We expect this to result in more cost-effective exploration," says Kjersti Dahle Grov, who leads the Technology and coexistence area.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has made it possible fo the industry to download reports submitted after 1 January.

The updated guidelines for the status reports require the companies to submit shape files with outlines of any discoveries, prospects and leads in the production licence.

There are also multiple requirements for figures and prospect forms. Some of the reports are deficient in this regard, and work is under way to obtain this material.

Updated guide

Here is the updated guide for status reports in connection with surrender, lapse or expiration of a production licence. 

"All the status reports will be available on our Fact Pages when we finish assessing any applications to maintain confidentiality for reports submitted before 1 January. This will take place after the application deadline for APA 2021," says Dahle Grov.


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Updated: 01/07/2021