We want to understand the data needs of the service industry


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16/02/2022 Do you work in the oil and gas service industry? Do you have ideas on how data from the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) can be used smarter – and how to increase coordination? Take part in a survey and give us your input.

With the aid of this survey, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) wants to chart how we can contribute to increased value creation on the NCS by making better use of data.

In our role as stewards of data from the NCS, we want to find answers to a number of questions we find important.

To secure input and to better understand the needs, we are turning to the service industry – to those who use the data we provide.

We need user insight

  • Some of the questions included in the survey:
  • How can smarter use of data increase value creation on the NCS?
  • What kinds of technology should be used?
  • How can technology contribute to the best possible utilisation of data?
  • How can the NPD and the supplier industry interact more and better?
  • What kind of data does your company need – and what does it not need?
  • How can we share the data – in the easiest possible way?

“We recently had a workshop with representatives from the licensees on the NCS and Norwegian Oil and Gas. The meeting was very successful and provided valuable input. Now we’re looking forward to hearing from the service industry,” says an enthusiastic Petter Dischington, project coordinator in the NPD.

“The insights we are collecting are invaluable as we prepare to draw up a new strategy for data management on the NCS,” he adds.

Register for the survey

If you or your company are interested in sharing your thoughts on how the industry can cooperate on sharing data and better data utilization on the Norwegian shelf, send an email to:

Kristian Albrektsen, kristian.albrektsen@npd.no or

Petter Dischington, petter.dischington@npd.no

You will receive a link to the survey. After the survey, we will set up a brief meeting on Teams to discuss the results.

We  are also gathering ideas and feedback from academia.


Ola Anders Skauby

Director Communication, public affairs and emergency response

Tel: +47 905 98 519

Updated: 16/02/2022

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